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Rediscovering Backyard Magic with @joshuadwhite

For more photos from Joshua’s A Photographic Survey of the American Backyard, follow @joshuadwhite on Instagram.

“A lot of my work has to do with memory,” explains North Carolina photographer Joshua White (@joshuadwhite). After capturing a photo of a freshly fallen whirligig on a solid-colored trash can, Joshua became intrigued by the way the seedpod’s shape stood out to him. Without the distractions of its busy natural context, it became both a specimen to examine and a work of art to contemplate. “I remembered what it was like to be a kid in the yard, looking at insects and plants,” Joshua says. “It felt like I was discovering nature again.”

Two years later, more than 500 photos now make up the project Joshua has titled A Photographic Survey of the American Backyard. He makes all of his photographs in a structured, repeatable process. As he details, “I photograph mostly on my back porch in the shade. I use sheets of white foam core from the art supply store, and I place the specimens on the end of a sewing or knitting needle to hold them out away from the background so that I can get as close to a shadowless background as possible.” From there, he positions the subjects to be just right, snaps the photograph, converts the photo to black and white and, finally, adds the Earlybird filter.

Joshua’s creative inspiration comes from his own lifelong curiosity. “I look for interesting forms and the unexpected. I will revisit the same subject several times to see how it changes, dissect seeds and flower buds to examine the structures inside and photograph different specimens of the same species over and over to look at the variation—but really it just comes down to interesting shapes, patterns and forms.” As for what comes next in the series, he has a very clear goal: “A box turtle is right at the top of the list. I get the most excited about things that I have specific childhood memories of, and finding a turtle as a kid was the holy grail.”


Finding Beauty in Everyday Origami with @white_onrice

For more images of Ross Symons’ origami creations, follow @white_onrice on Instagram.

"I started with the crane and I lost count of how many times I folded it,” says Cape Town Instagrammer Ross Symons (@white_onrice), describing his obsession with origami art.

“What I didn’t realize at the time is how origami was going to become such a massive part of my life,” he says. “At the beginning of 2014 I decided that I would post one different origami figure every day for the whole year. I did this for myself to prove that I could do it.”

He considers fold time to be the most important measurement of success for his work: the more discipline and patience he has, the faster he folds the figure.

“‘It’s just paper, it shouldn’t take long to make’ is a response I’ve heard before,” Ross says. “I feel there is a misconception that because origami uses paper to create something, that means it’s easy to do.”

On Instagram, Ross connects with a global community that shares his fascination with folding paper. “The people I chat to on Instagram are from all over the world,” he explains. “There is something really rewarding about folding a model and getting it right, no matter how complex or simple. I love—and when I say love I mean I’m totally obsessed with—folding paper.”

Talk about a throw back 😃 me and my #blondehair and #blueeyes. 😗
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shoot at menlyn skate park. Photo credit @envei
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